Instant Coffee

Over the last few years, we’ve been using one of those single cup coffee makers. We love it! All of the different flavors are fun to try and having the availability for a hot cup of joe at any point of the day without wasting a half of a pot is awesome. However, the thing we like the best is the time it takes to make the cup of hot wonderfulness. We simply put in a little plastic cup, snap down the lid, push a button and less than a minute later we have a cup of get up and go! Lately though, our 17 year old daughter has started drinking a morning cup of coffee. Not a big deal, but after doing some math we discovered how much money we were spending on our vice now that three of us were popping little cups into the machine. We made the heartbreaking decision to go back to using an automatic drip coffee maker. The only real problem is that we had forgotten just how long it takes for the old pot to fill up. Gone is the immediate gratification of my taste buds and gone is the early morning jolt to my head. We put the coffee in the filter and pour water into the old machine before we go to bed at night, but we still have to wait nearly fifteen minutes for the pot to fill after we push the button every morning. This morning, it struck me how much waiting for coffee is like waiting for God. We have all been thrilled and excited when He answered a prayer request and in those moments, His power seems immediate and fulfilling, but we often forget how long we waited. How often have we been discouraged or worried about a situation even though we have seen God answer prayer before? The Psalmist says this in Psalm 145:15, “The eyes of all look to You, and You give them their food at the proper time.” Many of us know Isaiah 40:31, “But those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength.” And yet we still get worked up about waiting for God to do His thing. This weekend, when you push the button of your coffee maker, let it remind you that God has answered your prayer and that He is going to answer your prayer again. And remember, His timing is simply dripping into your heart to prepare for His answer.

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